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  • Mr Lee and his team put me at ease and I felt I was in very safe hands

    I had a facial cyst which had increased in size and I was anxious to get it removed before it got any bigger. I looked on Thornbury hospital web site and saw that Mr Lee would be able to help me so I booked a consultation with him.

    After examining the cyst, Mr Lee said he could do the procedure with a local anaesthetic, which I was very happy with.

    An appointment was made for me to have the procedure done at Thornbury in November last year. When I arrived at Thornbury I was a little nervous but Mr Lee and his team put me at ease and I felt I was in very safe hands.

    The procedure was painless and I was able to go home soon afterwards.

    I was left with only a tiny scar which has healed very well, and I would definitely not hesitate to contact Mr Lee if I should need a similar procedure in the future.

  • I would highly recommend him to other people.

    Nicholas Lee removed a facial lesion for me in 2021.

    I selected him because of his specialist experience and all of the care he gave was excellent.

    I was impressed by both his obvious medical/surgical skills and his interpersonal skills and communication with patients.

    I would highly recommend him to other people.

  • Without his kind care my outcome could have been much worse

    Mr Lee treated my wife the week before I first saw him, with very positive results.

    On her recommendation I saw Mr Lee, the experience was exactly as I expected.

    I had surgery, however the results of the biopsy were not as expected.

    Without delay Mr Lee referred me to a colleague who saw me within days, leading to further surgery.

    Without his kind care, my outcome could have been much worse.

  • I am totally happy with the part Mr Lee and his team played in this

    I met Mr Lee after his name was forwarded to me through my insurance whom I had contacted due to and accident that had broken my top jaw bone.

    On the first consultation he was very polite but very sceptical about the whole scenario.

    After assessing the problem, he told me that I needed a bone graft and he was willing to carry out the operation. He was very honest with me and explained that my injury would probably not be covered by insurance.

    After a consultation with my insurers it was agreed that part of it would be covered as the injury was through an accident, I was therefore happy to move forward with Mr Lee.

    An operation was needed which was arranged the best way possible due to COVID restrictions. The process was a bit rocky meaning that I wasn’t always able to get hold of information from Mr Lee’s secretary (I later found found out that she was heavily pregnant and suffering herself) after an explanation and a telephone call, I was totally happy.

    The operation went well and Mr Lee recommended a dental surgeon whom he knew well and had worked with before. The dental surgery is a four hour total drive for me, but because of the quality of my treatment I am prepared to do this. Part of my surgery was to remove a screw that was holding in my bone graft, Mr Lee himself drove to the dental surgery to remove the screw himself of which I am very grateful for and thank him most sincerely.

    The treatment is still ongoing but I am totally happy with the part Mr Lee and his team played in this. I am hoping that nothing like this will happen again but if it did, I would not hesitate to contact Mr Lee and his team again. Thank you!

  • As one of the club doctors for Sheffield United, I have been fortunate to have Nick’s support in managing two of our injured first-team players in the past year.

    As one of the club doctors for Sheffield United, I have been fortunate to have Nick’s support in managing two of our injured first-team players in the past year.

    One of these injuries was career-threatening and thanks to his input that player has successfully returned to full-time professional football.

    I would strongly recommend Mr Lee not only for his technical expertise but his professional manner and approachability.

    We have continued to remain in touch to collaborate on research work which we hope will advance practice in the field in managing facial fracture in professional sport.

  • Josh’s Story

    My under-bite had always caused me anxiety issues and a lot of pain through out my entire teenage and early adult life.

    I began treatment under Dr Lee around 2013, and from the moment I met him I knew I was in good hands. He always fully explained any issues he thought there might be, and took the time to listen to any concerns I had or questions, of which I tended to have a few every visit.

    When it came time to go in for surgery, I was greeted by Dr Lee and his understudy, they went over everything that would be happening on that day, how long the surgery would be, what I would most likely feel when coming around after surgery, and again another opportunity to ask further questions.

    After I awoke from surgery, I was again met Dr Lee's team who wanted to know if any I had concerns or was uncomfortable in any way. I asked to be shown how to use the ice mask, and what would happen next.

    Using the ice mask was a fantastic experience; I would highly recommend using it. It helped soothe the pain and aches of post surgery, and from what I understand assisted greatly with a speedy recovery.

    I was in hospital for 24 hours before being allowed home, I was provided with all the meal substitutes and painkillers to help with my recovery and was asked to come back to see Dr Lee in 3 weeks time.

    I met with Dr Lee one more time after this to get the wiring removed after around 3 weeks of recovery. He remarked that I made a very fast recovery, and I attributed this to the ice mask.

    It has now been 4 years since I had my surgery and I am a completely different person. I want to be out in public, I'm not anxious about speaking in public or over the phone, and it has improved my confidence in all aspects of my life.

    This would never have happened if it wasn't for my treatment and surgery under Dr Lee and his team.

    Thank you!

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