I am totally happy with the part Mr Lee and his team played in this

February 23, 2022

I am totally happy with the part Mr Lee and his team played in this

I met Mr Lee after his name was forwarded to me through my insurance whom I had contacted due to and accident that had broken my top jaw bone.

On the first consultation he was very polite but very sceptical about the whole scenario.

After assessing the problem, he told me that I needed a bone graft and he was willing to carry out the operation. He was very honest with me and explained that my injury would probably not be covered by insurance.

After a consultation with my insurers it was agreed that part of it would be covered as the injury was through an accident, I was therefore happy to move forward with Mr Lee.

An operation was needed which was arranged the best way possible due to COVID restrictions. The process was a bit rocky meaning that I wasn’t always able to get hold of information from Mr Lee’s secretary (I later found found out that she was heavily pregnant and suffering herself) after an explanation and a telephone call, I was totally happy.

The operation went well and Mr Lee recommended a dental surgeon whom he knew well and had worked with before. The dental surgery is a four hour total drive for me, but because of the quality of my treatment I am prepared to do this. Part of my surgery was to remove a screw that was holding in my bone graft, Mr Lee himself drove to the dental surgery to remove the screw himself of which I am very grateful for and thank him most sincerely.

The treatment is still ongoing but I am totally happy with the part Mr Lee and his team played in this. I am hoping that nothing like this will happen again but if it did, I would not hesitate to contact Mr Lee and his team again. Thank you!


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