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    Additional information can be obtained from our website, which consists of an online resource consisting of a patient journey, patient stories, animations of surgery and other resources which may be of benefit.

  • What do I need to look out for when I go home?

    You will be swollen where you have had your surgery.

    Pain and discomfort should be controlled with regular analgesia.

    Some temporary numbness of your face is common.

    Please contact your team urgently if the implant is visible in the mouth or any signs of infection (high temperature, redness and discharge)

  • Can I brush my teeth?

    It is important that you keep your mouth as clean as possible for the first few weeks after surgery to prevent infection. It will be sore and you may find it difficult to clean your teeth around the stitches. Try using a soft small headed toothbrush, such as a child’s toothbrush.

    Starting the day after your surgery, gently rinse your mouth out with a mouthwash of warm salty water (dissolve a flat teaspoon of table salt in a cup of warm water) three times a day for 5-7 days to keep it free from any food remains.

    We will give you a mouthwash to start using in hospital and to take home with you. Please note that mouth washing does not replace brushing your teeth.

    You will also be given a short course of oral antibiotics to be taken following the surgery and the course should be completed.

    It is important that you do not smoke as this will make it more likely that you develop an infection. If you would like advice on how to stop smoking, please speak to a nurse or your GP. If you require more information about stopping smoking, please ask a member of staff before your procedure. To help with giving up smoking, call the NHS Stop Smoking Helpline on 0800 0224332 or go to

  • Can I eat normally after surgery?

    For the first few days you will be asked to keep to a soft diet to aid healing after surgery.

    Chewing can also be more painful and sore if chewing hard foods.

  • How long will I be in hospital?

    This depends on the individual, but most patients stay in. Some implants can be placed as a day stay procedure, but most patients stay in hospital for one night after surgery.

    People vary in their speed of recovery, but you should expect 7-10 days off work following the surgery and you should avoid any strenuous sports for four to six months.

    Gentle exercise can be resumed at three to four weeks after surgery and we would aim to see you back on our clinic for a follow up appointment one week, three months and then six months after your surgery.

    There will be some gentle settling of the soft tissues before the final results of the surgery become apparent.

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