What are the complications associated with this procedure?

November 1, 2019

This is usually a very safe procedure which is carried out regularly in this hospital by specialised and experienced clinical staff. Complications with this type of surgery are fortunately rare and may not apply to you, but it is important that you are aware of them.

The most commonly reported ones are numbness and altered sensation of the upper teeth, upper lip and cheek. If a mandibular (lower jaw and chin) implant is placed there is the risk of numbness to the lower lip and chin. If a mandibular or chin implant is placed, we would hope that any altered sensation would be temporary, but there is a risk that it could be permanent.

Initially following the surgery, you will expect to have some soreness, swelling and tightness, but this will settle with time.

Other complications include bleeding, infection, facial asymmetry and numbness which is usually temporary and can take a few weeks to settle.

Implant infection may mean that the implant needs removal and if this occurs, then we would need to wait until the tissues have totally healed before another implant could be considered.

It may also be possible to feel the edges of the implant under the skin if you have thin skin.

With all facial implants, there is also the risk of dissatisfaction with the appearance after the surgery.

Your surgeon will discuss your individual risks.

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Nicholas Lee: Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon, Sheffield UK