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When a dentist just isn't enough

Sometimes, an oral procedure is required that is beyond the realm of a routine dental visit. For instance, a tooth will need to be extracted, but is broken or awkwardly placed. Or you may have a tooth with an infected root or with a cyst. Other times, you may need a biopsy to help diagnose a lesion or other oral condition.

If you find that you need one of these procedures, then you’ll be in safe hands with Mr Lee.


Most tooth extractions will be carried out by your dentist, but sometimes there’s a complication that requires more specialist surgical treatment.

Maybe a tooth needs to be extracted because it’s broken beyond repair, or is causing pain and infection. Or maybe it needs to be removed as part of a larger dental plan, such as preparing for orthodontic alignment using braces.

Whatever the reason, Mr Lee and his team have the experience and expertise to give you the care and treatment that you need.


When a tooth is causing you pain, and root canal treatment hasn’t worked, then what you need is an apicectomy.

This surgical procedure removes the infected tip of the root while leaving the rest of the tooth intact. As you can imagine, it’s a delicate task that requires a skilled hand.


There are many non-dental conditions and diseases that can occur in the mouth. Most of these are benign… but some aren’t. This is why it’s a really good idea to determine the exact condition as soon as possible, so that treatment can begin early.

The most common way of diagnosing these conditions is with a biopsy. This is a simple procedure in which a surgeon obtains a tiny sample of the affected area. The sample is then analysed and tested to help provide an accurate diagnosis.

Mr Lee has many years’ experience of performing this simple and quick procedure, so if it’s been recommended that you have a biopsy for an oral condition, you know where to come.

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